The program is composed of invited lectures, a poster session  and related discussions. All lectures are by invitation. The symposium language will be English. Plenary lectures will last 50 min (40+10), invited lectures will last 30 min (25+5).

Sunday, September 17th, 2017


15.00                                Opening of the registration desk at the conference venue

17.00                                Chairman: Frederic LEROUX

                                            Opening Session

                                            Caroline TOKARSKI (University of Lille)                                          
                                            Organic chemistry and high resolution mass spectrometry to decipher ancient material [Abstract]

19.00                               Welcome Mixer at the conference venue


Monday, September 18th, 2017

8.30                                   Opening Remarks

9.00                                   Chairman: Kiyoshi TOMIOKA

                                            Hiroshi NAGASE (University of Tsukuba)
Design and Synthesis of Orexin Receptor Selective Ligands [Abstract]

9.50                                  Invited lecture: Erwan POUPON (University of South-Paris)

10.20                                 Coffee Break

10.50                                 Chairman: Michel TABART

                                             Invited lecture: Masakazu IMAMURA (Astellas Pharma Inc.)

11.20                                Invited lecture: Arnaud VOITURIEZ (ICSN - Giff-sur-Yvette)

11.50                                 Poster Flash Presentations

12.10                            Lunch

13.40                                Chairman: Susumi HATAKEYAMA

                                            Invited lecture: Mélanie ETHEVE-QUELQUEJEU (University of Paris Descartes)

14.10                                Invited lecture: Makoto KAWAI (Shionogi & Co Ltd.)

14.40                                Hiroaki SUGA (University of Tokyo)
                                             A RaPID way to discover bioactive pseudo-natural peptides

15.30                                 Coffee Break

16.00                         Chairman: Angela MARINETTI

                                             Seijiro MATSUBARA (Kyoto University)
                                             Selective Molecular Transformation by Bifunctional Reagent and Catalyst

16.50                                 Invited lecture: Yann FORICHER (Sanofi)

17.20                                 Departure to the “Hôtel de Ville”

18.00                         Welcome by the Mayor of Strasbourg

19.30                         Wine and Cheese and Poster session (This will take place at the conference venue)

Tuesday, September 19th, 2017

8.30                                  Chairman: Yannick LANDAIS

                                           Laurence MULARD (Pasteur institute in Paris)
                                           Synthetic carbohydrate-based vaccines: from concept to clinic

9.20                                  Invited lecture: Satoshi ITADANI (Ono Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.)

9.50                                  Invited lecture: Sébastien PAPOT (University of Poitiers)

10.20                                Coffee Break 

10.50                                Chairman: Hiroshi KOGEN

            Yoshio HAYASHI (Tokyo University of Pharm. & Life Sc.)
            Peptide-based Medicinal Chemistry from Small Peptide-like Molecules to Antibody Drug Conjugates

11.40                                Invited lecture: Cyril BRESSY (University of Aix-Marseille)

12.10                                Lunch

13.40                                Chairman: Xavier FRANCK

                                           Invited lecture: Tsuyoshi NAKAMURA (Daiichi Sankyo Co. Ltd.)

14.10                                 Frédéric TARAN (CEA Saclay, Paris)
                                            Chemoselective and biocompatible reactions, new tools for heterocyclic chemistry and chemical biology

15.00                                Excursion

20.00                                Banquet at Château de l’Ile

Wednesday, September 20th, 2017

 8.30                                Chairman: Shigeki SASAKI

                                           Motomu KANAI (University of Tokyo)
                                           Aerobic Oxygen-Driven Functionalization of Proteins

9.20                                  Invited lecture: Tomoki TSUCHIYA (Bayer)

9.50                                  Invited lecture: Hiroaki YASUKOUCHI (Kaneka Corporation)

10.20                                Coffee Break

10.50                                Chairman: Jean SUFFERT

                                            Paul KNOCHEL (University of Munich)
                                           Polyfunctional Li-, Mg- and Zn-Organometallics in Organic Synthesis [Abstract]

11.40                                Closing Remarks

12.00                                Lunch

13.15                                Departure for the Post-Tour